A New Classification Of Prodrugs

A New Classification Of Prodrugs

Because of this, there is a nice want for prodrugs right here so as to prevent the discharge of the active drug before reaching the target site. An example of an anticancer prodrug is Capecitabine, which is a triple prodrug of 5-fluorouracil. With the employment of triple prodrug, the release of the drug is delayed, bettering the targetability of the drug. Type IA prodrugs embrace many antimicrobial and chemotherapy agents (e.g., 5-flurouracil).

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Prodrugs are a category of drug supply techniques during which the drug is covalently conjugated to hydrophilic small molecules or polymers. that undergoes hepatic biotransformation to the energetic component, 6-methoxy-2-naphthylacetic acid , which has some extent of COX-2 selectivity conferring less gastric irritation in contrast with other NSAIDs. The goal of activated isoniazid is the NADH-dependent enoyl-acyl provider protein reductase, coded for by the inhA gene, which promotes formation of long fatty acyl chains of mycolic acids and, consequently, bacilli on which isoniazid acts lose their acid-fastness. The minimal inhibitory concentration of isoniazid varies from zero.02 to zero.05 μg/mL in broth and from 0.1 to zero.2 μg/mL on strong media.

The Prodrug Opportunity: Making Good Medication Better

Pyrazinamide is a professional-drug transformed to pyrazinoic acid by pyrazinamidase, an enzyme found in M. tuberculosis cells and is trapped owing to the weak efflux exercise of this mycobacterial species for the compound. The antimycobacterial mechanism of pyrazinoic acid is unclear, however it might inactivate a key enzyme in fatty acid synthesis; also altered membrane potential because of low intracellular pH might disrupt other mobile pathways.

Prodrugs produced by way of the chemical modification of these groups include esters, carbonates, carbamates, amides, phosphates, and oximes. Of these, esters are the commonest prodrugs, with roughly 49% of all marketed prodrugs being activated by enzymatic hydrolysis. Representative of this is maybe one of the most well-known prodrugs in the marketplace right now, Vyvanse® . As noted above, the ideal prodrug is one where the parent and ligand cleave cleanly, and the active agent is absorbed while the ligand is quickly excreted. This process doesn’t at all times happen perfectly—chemical or enzymatic reactions can sometimes produce unexpected outcomes—so an understanding of degradation by-merchandise that may impact stability is of paramount concern in prodrug discovery and development. Ideally, the ligand that’s mixed with the father or mother drug to type the prodrug conjugate must be protected and rapidly excretable from the physique.


A prodrug may be outlined as a drug substance that is inactive in the supposed pharmacological actions and is should to be transformed into the pharmacologically lively agent by metabolic or physico-chemical transformation. Prodrugs can exist naturally such as many phytochemicals/botanical constituents and endogenous substances, or they’ll result from synthetic or semisynthetic processes – produced intentionally as a part of a rational drug design or unintentionally during drug growth. Examples of prodrugs that exist naturally or had been produced unintentionally throughout drug growth embody aspirin, psilocybin, parathion, irinotecan, codeine, heroin, L-dopa, and numerous antiviral nucleosides. Examples of products ensuing from pharmaceutical processes as a part of strategically targeted drug design embody sulfasalazine, oseltamivir, numerous nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , statins , ACE inhibitors and penicillin-related brokers .

  • However, terfenadine was found to be the prodrug of the active molecule, fexofenadine, which doesn’t carry the same risks as the parent compound.
  • Prodrugs are sometimes designed to enhance bioavailability when a drug itself is poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Prodrugs are a category of drug supply methods by which the drug is covalently conjugated to hydrophilic small molecules or polymers.
  • If the drug starts out huge, and you generate a prodrug for it, the prodrug goes to be bigger – except the prodrug circumvents the liabilities of excessive MW, it’s by no means going to into the body and its benefits in specifity won’t help.
  • To differentiate these two Subtypes, the image sprint ” – ” is used to designate and to indicate sequential steps of bioactivation, and is meant to distinguish from the symbol slash ” / ” used for the Parallel Mixed-Type prodrugs.
  • The liposomal formulation of the prodrug was compared with the free prodrug.

For instance a prodrug could also be converted each in goal cells and metabolic tissues such as liver (i.e., named as a Type IA/IB prodrug), or one transformed in each GI fluids and systemic circulations (i.e., named as a Type IIA/IIB prodrug). The Mixed-Type compound can be further distinguished as a Parallel Mixed-Type or Sequential Mixed-Type prodrug depending on the conversion processes that proceed with, either in concurrent or in sequential steps. By gaining insights regarding the positioning of motion by way of prodrug nomenclature, threat profit analysis can be made more effectively as a result of both info on kinetics and impression of tissues concerned are adequately revealed via prodrug subtype designated. In conclusion, the new system of classification will add to existing information of prodrug classifications, and can present improved insight into the contributory roles of both prodrug and lively drug in the product’s efficacy and security, and their threat-benefit assessment. Nanoemulsions are biocompatible and stealth nanodroplets that can efficiently encapsulate hydrophobic cytoactive medicine in their oily core.

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